Porch Light Publications

we design books featuring the artwork of participants and excerpts from the programming associated with the mural project

Sometimes, all that we discover in the process of making a mural can’t fit on the wall. To share those insights, Porch Light also has a manual for replicating how our department runs and the report from a research study on the outcomes of the Porch Light model, conducted by the Yale University School of Medicine.

A Beautiful Spectrum illustrates the lives of the participants in the workshops at SPIN-NET PACE, through their own drawings and the words of their loved ones.

Through our partnership with Broad Street Ministry, artist Jeane Cohen ran workshops for guests focused on self-reflection and wellness. Insightful Voices is a collection of their responses, as well as a guide for replicating the workshop.

My Future Starts Here includes the stories of refugee youth living in Southeast Philadelphia after immigrating from Southeast Asia. Artist Shira Walinsky produced this book after working with the refugee population as part of our Southeast by Southeast project.

In order to fully describe how Porch Light implements behavioral health-based mural projects, Painting a Healthy City, an extensive guide, was developed outlining the theoretical basis and implementation stages of our mural-making process.

The Yale University School of Medicine conducted a four-year study to asses the impact of the Porch Light Program on neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Final Evaluation Report is an extensive explanation of their findings.

Porch Light Study Summary provides a brief overview of the findings from research by the Yale University School of Medicine.